About Neal

“You teach what you most want to learn.” My way as an erotic educator began in 1998 when I attended my first Body Electric workshop, Celebrating the Body Erotic.

By the end of the workshop I knew my lifelong yearning for a spiritual experience of embodiment had been met. In a ritual that contained an erotic massage at its core, I was guided into a profound somatic awakening, rich with both deep grief, and expansive joy. On the massage table that afternoon I felt myself as a clear spark of expressive energy in a larger pulse of universal erotic energy. Feeling my body and spirit so awakened, and shamelessly allowed, orientated me to valuing my body’s capacity to feel, to trust, and to sing!

From that day forward I began to value my erotic energy as a way, as a conscious practice of learning and clarifying truths about myself and about forces and realities larger than me. From that day forward I began to become more me, able to love greater!

In 2008 I created Eros Sanctuary, a small practice studio in Ithaca, NY to offer coaching and intimate bodywork. Since then my skills of how and where I teach as a somatic sex educator have deepened and expanded.

I am presently in a life flow of traveling the world as an erotic bodyworker, sex and intimacy coach, and writer. I think of myself as an Ambassador of Eros, a modern person inviting people to approach their sexuality (their human capacity to be aroused and aware), as a feeling state potent with personal growth opportunities.

Just as Eros, the mythical Greek god of erotically inspired passion, ‘visits us’ when we are aroused and ideally ready to meet the divine, I too am committed to inviting you to revere your sexuality as a way towards the richness of your body and spirit connected and real!

For further information about my journey and about my work as a somatic sex and intimacy educator, a reluctant philosopher, and citizen of the world, please feel encouraged to explore my web site and blog. Feel free to tell me what attracts your attention, what stirs in you questions, and above all, reach out and make an appointment for a session.



"Neal inspires me to delve deeper into my exploration of self as a sensual and spiritual being and to embrace my sexuality as a powerful and healthy part of who I am. As a friend, mentor and body worker, he is an important source of support, acceptance and encouragement as I explore my sexual landscape, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually, with reverence, curiosity, marvel and joy.

I am so grateful for the work Neal is doing and give thanks for his enthusiasm and passion, as well as his knowledge and insight, which have been so valuable to me on my journey of self knowing and self loving."

~ Usha Rose Avallone, LMT, CYT


"Képességeink, lehetőségeink, csodás pilllanataink Isten ajándékai a számunkra. Ahogy élünk velük és használjuk őket az a mi ajándékunk Isten számára…”

Ismét egy utazást tehettünk az érzékiség világában, az ismerősök mellett újabb határaikat keresők tették még színesebbé Szilvi és Neal II-es workshopját.

Köszönjük, hogy ott lehettünk nekünk mindenképp egy ajándék volt!"

~ Budapest, Hungary

What I Believe

Because erotic energy is life energy, when we learn how to be more skillfully expressed and intimate with our individual erotic energy, we become more connected to our total life energy.

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What I Offer

I offer individualized somatic sex education. As an educator, I am committed to supporting you on your highly personal journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

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About Neal

“You teach what you most want to learn.” My way as an erotic educator began in 1998 when I attended my first Body Electric workshop, Celebrating the Body Erotic.

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