As a progressive sex and intimacy educator, I offer practical support for individuals and couples to explore and discover the richness of their unique erotic/sexual capacity.

My approach is non-dogmatic and offered to empower, encourage, and to inspire. I work with all orientations and levels of experience.

I believe that fulfilling intimacy, sexual and otherwise, is achieved by connecting skillfully and consciously with our humanity, our individuality, and our ability to confidently express, explore, and to enjoy our erotic nature by ourselves or in consensual relationships. I believe that ‘good sex’ is not about fitting into ideas of ‘right or wrong sex’ but rather about finding personally meaningful expressions of intimate sexual pleasure that effectively enrich the body and soul!

To this end, I offer a variety of creative and bold professional services in numerous location and settings. Please contact me to arrange a session and/or to ask further questions.

What I Believe

Because erotic energy is life energy, when we learn how to be more skillfully expressed and intimate with our individual erotic energy, we become more connected to our total life energy.

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What I Offer

I offer individualized somatic sex education. As an educator, I am committed to supporting you on your highly personal journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

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About Neal

“You teach what you most want to learn.” My way as an erotic educator began in 1998 when I attended my first Body Electric workshop, Celebrating the Body Erotic.

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Events, etc...

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