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Individual Sessions

I offer individualized somatic sex education. As an educator, I am committed to supporting you on your highly personal journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

My primary work, empowered by consent and creativity, is to co-create experientially support for you to explore yourself in the wide nourishing field of expressed erotic joy and pleasure. As a somatic educator, I believe learning occurs best over time (as practice), at your tempo, on your terms, and for your reasons.

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Sexological Bodywork

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Skype Sex and Intimacy Consultations

Who doesn’t need support concerning the vast realm of sexuality? Sex coaching helps clarify what you need in order to create, experience, and maintain the level of pleasure, healing, and meaning you desire and deserve regarding your erotic/sexual life.

In modern life there are many personal and cultural issues that can effectively cloud one’s regarding sexual values, desires, and experiences. A few common distractions from feeling clear and confident are:

  • the impact of inappropriate, difficult, or unfulfilling past sexual experiences
  • the inability to place your full attention on your physical and emotional experience in the present moment
  • the presence and power of shame, embarrassment and guilt in your lives
  • outside messages regarding what you should or shouldn’t want, ask for, or accept erotically
  • possible complexities and questions regarding sexual orientation and gender themes
  • desiring experiences that may be considered cultural taboos
  • common and exceptional physical and emotional health issues
  • the negative legacy of puritanical/religious perspective regarding the value of sexual expression
  • lack of family and/or community (past and present) affirmation and support

These are just a few common issues that can be intrusive or overwhelming and effectively make many people’s sexual journeys more challenging than they need be.

Whether you identify as someone unsatisfied and struggling with erotic confidence, or as someone looking to simply take your sexuality to the next level, sex coaching can be helpful in many ways.



"I sought help from Neal because I wanted to fully experience my feminine sexual expression - something that I felt I had shut off many years ago. Neal is one of the most genuinely loving and accepting people that I have had the pleasure to meet. He also deeply honors and respects women.

These qualities allowed me to feel safe in our work together and take the risk to think and do things outside of my usual boundaries. As a result of his patience and caring, I rediscovered what it means to be a woman in many ways, not just sexually. I learned to own my beauty and feminine power that comes from within and is available to me at all times and in unlimited quantities to share with the world.

My work with Neal was truly a pivotal in my life and I am profoundly grateful to have crossed paths with his generous spirit.

Jane, Ithaca, NY

"Bei einem Wochenendkurs 2010 in Zürich durfte ich Neal in seiner diskreten und vertrauensvollen Art zum ersten Mal kennenlernen.
Ich war sehr neugierig und zugleich ängstlich mich mit meiner Sexualität und dazu noch in einer Gruppe, zu befassen. An dem Kurs hatte ich plötzlich eine Panische Angst. Dank der professionellen und menschlichen Unterstützung von Neal gelang es mir, mich zu entspannen, die Angst zu erkennen und sie anzunehmen. Neal‘s ruhige, besonnene, menschliche und professionelle Art, welche er allen Kurzteilnehmern mit tiefen Respekt entgegenbrachte, kam mir dabei sehr zu Gute."

~ Brigitta, Zürich Switzerland

Sexological Bodywork

Sexological Bodywork is a somatic learning modality. It is a body-affirming and body-informing intimate service. Sexological Bodywork teaches physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. It teaches how to confidently experience our body’s capacity to be aroused for pleasure.

Sexological bodywork believes that many life experiences, the pleasures and the pains, are experiences of the body, and as such, by working with the body we can learn and grow towards the optimum holistic health and well-being we desire and deserve.

Sexological Bodywork is best practiced as a series of sessions. Sessions will employ a variety of body-centered modalities designed to best support your self-directed learning. The specialty of Sexological Bodywork is erotic bodywork, one way conscious touch as a learning modality. Erotic bodywork invites and values your erotic energy as a core experience/expression of you. The more you become confident and skillful at allowing your core erotic self to be expressed the more you can learn about your authentic true self.

Sexological bodywork is an erotically inspired practice free of the complexities of romantic attractions, habitual sexual patterns, the distractions of fantasies, and sex-negative messages. Common themes learned from your bodies’ experiences may be:

  • the healing power of pleasure
  • how to be sensitive to sensations throughout your entire body
  • how to integrate your mind, body, and spirit as a practice
  • how to increase your capacity to receive pleasure
  • how to work with the breath, sounds, and motion to self regulate your erotic energy and experience
  • how to discover your authentic erotically inspired aliveness
  • understanding the place and power of sensuality and sexuality in your life
  • how to live your sexual life as a way to enrich your entire life
  • how to work with ejaculation control (for men) in order to access other possible dynamic erotic feeling states
  • how to discover who you truly are beyond limiting shame and embracement

For more information about the pioneer field of Sexological Bodywork please visit:

Sacred Intimate Sessions

Our lives are precious and, when deeply noticed, sacred. When we fully live our personal life journeys as unique and precious spirits-in-forms, we are intimately living the opportunity to feel and to be nourished by the sanctity and richness of embodied life.

Sacred Intimate sessions value the uniquely human capacity to grow from experiential embodied experiences. Sacred Intimate sessions honor and work with what is real and what is mysterious. Sacred Intimacy sessions free the sacred from where it is aloof and distant, and bring the sacred into your precious, embodied and intimate life where it can flourish, sustain, and enrich you.

As a Sacred Intimate I work with a deep faith and trust in the transformative power of actions in the pursuit of truth, depth, and conscious living: of actions in the service of spiritual, emotional and physical well being.

Sacred Intimate session work can be an immense experience of profound learning and potent transformation. Session work begins with what is, and moves with loving support towards your potential, towards what can be.

Exploring your questions and longings will be the pragmatic and dynamic direction of a SI session. Because of your uniqueness, all sessions will be co-created and rooted in consensual exploration. With words, bodies, guided meditations; music, symbols, expressive movement, and more, your sincere longings for transformation personal growth will be honored.

I work with all genders or orientations. I work with individuals and couples.

Please contact me to discuss how I can best help you live an expressive experience of the sanctity and richness of embodied life.

Kinbaku Rope Bondage Sessions

As a ‘rope top’, my interest, and what motivates me to act, is the intimate relationship dynamics invited and expressed in rope play.

What ‘turns me on’, and as such becomes my offering, is the living dynamics co-created by the impulses and responses of tying (initiating) and the person being tied (surrendering).

My sessions are improvisational and offered as an erotically inspired dance session with rope and the energetics of bondage!

Personalized Private Retreats

I am committed to co-creating a spiritually rich, emotionally balanced, and physically healthy sex-positive culture, a culture in which individuals can feel free and supported to express and explore their body’s intelligent longings for physical and emotional pleasure!

A private retreat is a unique and personally tailored time to experience yourself as an erotic sexual being. It is a place to take refuge from the many mixed and often negative cultural messages concerning sexuality. Private retreats are designed to teach, illuminate, and to feel enriched by exploring and discovering who you are in authentic expressions of your fullest erotic expression and embodiment.

Workshops and Group Retreats

Throughout the year I offer alone or in collaboration various workshops and retreats internationally. Please feel free to watch for updates on my blog page calendar for dates and links to program descriptions.

What I Believe

Because erotic energy is life energy, when we learn how to be more skillfully expressed and intimate with our individual erotic energy, we become more connected to our total life energy.

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What I Offer

I offer individualized somatic sex education. As an educator, I am committed to supporting you on your highly personal journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

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About Neal

“You teach what you most want to learn.” My way as an erotic educator began in 1998 when I attended my first Body Electric workshop, Celebrating the Body Erotic.

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