Aphrodite and Dionysius Alive and Well! Part Two

Part Two: Us!

For hours we had been swinging from the rafters in the vast cavern of ours desires. I had received a lot from the immense pleasures of our committed and enthusiastic fucking and sucking. I had received deep pleasure and much love. I had happily moved the pleasures of my body into the enriching realms of my emotional tenacity. I had liberated well the beast of my pumping heart.

I had skillfully mixed the pleasures of my arousal into a vitalizing body and soul elixir. I was ready to sit back and simmer in the immense satisfaction of living enthusiastically embodied and erotically potent with my queen. So when I shared with her that I desired a break, she reluctantly, but with a caring sigh, agreed. Her look however told me otherwise. Her mind seemed to be drifting somewhere beyond my request. She seemed to be seeking for something, scanning her being for its truth. I could sense that her mind said okay but her body and soul were still in, in the search for more. She tried to speak but her mouth and mind could not synch. I suspected her pussy was louder than her capacity to think or to speak what she truly desired. Finally, with words conveying both irritation and an impulse to seduce me back in, she spoke, “yes, fine, but you know, there is no patience in passion!”

Her simple telling words touched me. She knows I love thoughtful words, especially adept words at the right moments. Hearing her poetic proclamation I smiled in a way she knew I would choose to abandon my less than urgent request and turn back in towards her for more ardent love making! She knew I would choose to value the seductive side of her expressive nature. She knew that whenever I fully noticed her sexy essence sincerely expressed, I would be ‘turned on’! She knew I could not resist going ‘back in’ with her, back in and grateful to be intimate with such a beautiful erotically exuberant woman!

So, back in we went. Together we reached within again. We easily found our great admiration for the rising of our arousal devotedly returning. And while my swollen truth sought the beginning and the end of her endowed depth, I was inspired to return her words with a well felt impulsive reply, “…and, my sweet dear slut, in redemption there is also no promise.”

Soon after, while she sat between my parted and activated legs, I watched her tenacious smile watch me as I became rousingly more memorized by the sight of my bonobo king cock appear and disappear between her feminine lips full! Soon my hands reached expressively for her hair. By gripped her curly soft hair I was without words speaking the intimate truth of my longing to fearlessly be her ‘man’ holding ‘my woman’!

I was happy. I was soaring again in the magnificence of erotic pleasure allowed and true. Going in further, I began gripping not only her hair but also her whole delicate head. I began moving her head towards and away from my arching body lost and swirling in a beautiful expression of erotic trance. Suggesting both confidence and trepidation, I followed my desire to know her overwhelmed by the raw truth of my excitement. I wanted her to feel the delicious essence of my being overwhelmed! I wanted her to join me in the overwhelming bliss I was spinning deeper and deeper into by shamelessly receiving the gift of our ardent erotic love well expressed! As I sunk deeper into my illuminating pleasure I could simultaneously feel how I wanted her to glow too, to grow more radiant, to feel illuminated by my swollen truth reaching intimately for the depth of her tender vivaciousness! I longed for her to show her full capacity to receive my cock as deep as she could as an undeniable inspired erotic truth.

I couldn’t have been deeply in the experience and yet, I longed for more. I permissioned myself to love being me, the ‘me’ that wants to go deeper and deeper unaccompanied by shame. I longed to receive her giving deeper as I reached to feel even more connected to my knowing cock, and all that it could be as an expression of feeling in the fullness of my hunger.

She was sucking my cock and I was the happiest man ever! I was feeling worthy of receiving redemptive longed for pleasure. I felt alive. I was feeling deeply alive. And yet, as I sank deeper into my appreciation of her and of the unique moments we were, I also longed for more. A greedy selfish animal in me rose to meet her archaic sensuality. As I continued to sink more fully in I was stirred to feel a powerful existential longing to feel as much as life could afford me to feel, as much as I could allow myself to feel me in her! ‘More’ was all I could feel! I longed to feel my whole being as my yearning cock reaching to be deeper in her, deeper than I could imagine physically as well as metaphorically reaching to be! I longed for her to let me in deeper than we could in the physicality of our embodied passion!

Soon I moved to stand tall. On to my feet I stood and began to undulate my shoulders and hips in all directions. My cock was as hard as I knew it ever to be. It moved back and forth, in and out of her unguarded mouth. As she kept sucking my telling swollen cock moved in a swirl of translucent wettening foam. I kept fucking. She kept moaning. With her expressive unedited moaning she was permissioning me to feel more, to receive more! The permission in that moment was an invitation to go where ever we might, where ever we might go in the purity of our archaic trance, a true and unique universal trance of wild human cock sucking face fucking! She seemed to moan louder with each thrust of my swollen cock. I returned her moans with an action of thrusting for more. We were in different positions of action; she giving and me receiving, but we were in one action of sexual communion. Man, woman, mouth, cock, hearts open, loving. We were freely being us! We were freely being free!

What a gift of life and love it was. What a gift it was to cherish and appreciate those exquisite moments of life expressly allowed! My spirit was soaring. I began to twist and turn within the entire cavity of my being. I felt truer than ever before. I felt alive, more alive than ever before. I felt grateful and still, I wanted to feel more. I wanted my cock to be sucked with an innocent magnificent adoration as never before, and forever more! Enjoying so fully turned me on even further. We were living together a co-created generous expressivity of our erotic essences. We were shining together. We were innocently embodying the truth of our co-created embodied bliss!

And yet, still I knew there was more to feel, more to know! Now it was my turn to feel the pleasure of never wanting to stop. I wanted her to know that her mouth was my ultimate home. I want her to hear me moan and to sing praise the name of my receptive capacity! I wanted her to hear me rising higher and higher into the limitless pleasure of my cock enjoying her warm perfect mouth. I wanted her to feel my body true and pure. I wanted her to feel me closer to exploding into the warm expressive generosity of her wholeness, into her heart, and into her ample beautiful body and soul. I wanted to feel united with her in the innocent redemptive and inevitable wisdom of enthusiastic arousal reaching for its conclusive end. Suddenly I shouted, “Tease me with all of you! “Fuck me towards love, suck the regenerative seed of my essence freely”! “Free my body from the reluctance to feel anything less than my capacity to feel and desire enlivening pleasure”. “Be my whore, my naughty queen, my damsel reaching for her rights to be fucked by any cock able to touch your deepest capacity to be fulfilled”!

She moaned her sucking pleasure louder. She moaned clearer and even truer. She moved in ways that brightly showed me her devotion to enthusiastically receive my warm aroused flesh more intimately in her willing pleasure offering mouth. Her very being, her feminine essence actively shining teased us both into desires known and valued as one clear unapologetic way of being together, in a way we both deliciously and righteously cherished!

Peaking onward and upward I made the conscious decision to let go into a full explosive release of my being. I became my entire nervous system flailing towards the release of my ejaculation impulse. I came into her receptive mouth with an eruption of shameless profusion. I fell into a selfish twist of the moment. I felt the world had ended. I was stirred to feel the complexity of a dramatic impulse reached. I quieted. I needed time to know if I was still alive, still here on earth, still in the energetic holding of our love, or was I lost forever in a land far from the limits of civil knowing.

I needed a few moments to recalibrate, to feel my way back into the reductive nature civility urgently asks us to hold, and hardly ever to challenge. I needed a few moments to savor and cherish. I needed a few seconds to come back to a state of being from which I could share with her my dearest willingness to remain authentically present.

I needed a few moments to find and settle into the emotion of appreciation, appreciation for the togetherness of our separate but united journeys. I needed to find my way back to gracefully reconnect with the fullness of my capacity to express, embrace, and to share consciously in our enduring commitment to know that which can be known as only pure and good.

I needed a moment to honor an ideal achieved, an ideal we strive for every time we evoke such shameless stirrings. I needed to feel myself safe, whole, and together with her in a mutual commitment to value embodied love, the very essence of our lives invited to be allowed, the very gift of reaching a point of knowing ourselves pure, free and able to activate and thrive in enduring embodied love!

I needed a moment to say to her again, you are amazing. I love you!