‘The Claws and Soft Fur of Reality’

Civility’ is like a dress on a wild beast chained to a tree, ridiculously absurd and brilliantly pathetic. ‘Civil’ is a rational conjecture. As such it is more like a ‘hope’, something that desires to be felt rather than knowledge to trust true. To feel is to align with a story, to know truth is to see the beast run naked and home in the wild!

Hoping for any agreeable quaint rules to dutifully follow is to dress the beast; to cover the truth with fabricated notions of an elevated human dignity. We are beasts beautify first, sophistically dressed, but none-the-less blood red pumping beasts.

To domesticate is to fear what the naked truth will expose! It is to collaborate with reductive impulses. It is to deny instincts, and to disregard the spiritual invitation to know the self as a dynamic action of instinctual devotion! How wonderful to care about the beast undressed! What could be more inspiring than to engage in the paradoxical passion of abandoned civility, and to allow new notions, born from the reckless truth of human life, to be dutifully cherished! To domesticate is to limit. To drop the pretext is to feel the blood flow, the bones crack, the brow to lift yet explored, and to know how unedited love spills!

Why not? What could be more real, more inspiring; more worthy to know than an unimaginable beauty soaring widely over the forests, fields and quagmires of our honest and deserving potential. Why resist? Our potential is our ability to express our deepest instinctual natures, unfettered and beyond the confining bargains of contrive civility!

And the erotic; can we be both domesticated and erotically potent? I love the erotic too much to shy away from how it tastes when valued to thrive. I love to feel my body sing, to swell, and to squirm in desire; to fear, to care, and to open my eyes wide while making love! I love to take delight in consensual transgression.

I love to feel my heart beat yes; yes, yes, and to feel into ‘yes!’ even further! I love to feel decisive rapture and to feel complete knowing there can always be more, more to adore as actively admiring being!

If I am to live secure in honest integrity, than I must disrobe the beast, let my willingness to love melt the chains, and dance perilously with the claws and soft fur of reality!